5 Secrets to Looking Great In a T-Shirt

When you think of these guys; Marlon Brando, James Dean, and David Beckham do you see anything common to them besides their good looks and fame? Yes, t-shirt! Even a quick Google search about these men will tell a lot about how they all show off in their stylish t-shirts.

Does that mean we don’t reckon with men that appear in suits and dress shirts? Not that. But t-shirts are also great and look really nice when the situation is right. If you also love to wear t-shirts but wondering how you can wear your tees, looking great and attractive, these are some tips to help.

In this post, we have provided 5 secrets to looking great in your t-shirts.


Secrets for Appearing Attractive In Your T-Shirts

#1: Know the right time to wear a tee

This is the fits rule of wearing a t-shirt. That is, know when and where a t-shirt is appropriate. The truth is that not all occasion allows you to appear in a tee. Some functions call for the good old suit and tie. Some require that you wear at least a long-sleeved shirt with a collar even if you can’t wear a suit. T-shirts are only appropriate if the event is casual.

So if you are thinking of ways to look great in a t-shirt, you need to first know that you are wearing it to the right place. No matter how good you look in a t-shirt, you can’t wear it to the office or a friend’s wedding unless you are specifically asked to do so.

But if you are going on a date, local bar, concert, beach, or local party with a close friend, you can dress for comfort in a t-shirt. You are required to wear your t-shirt for any activity that involves a lot of sweating, including sports.

#2: Get the fit right

One thing t-shirts do best for you is to help you appear more masculine. It emphasizes your broad shoulders and narrow waist. So, it doesn’t matter how built you are, you can become more attractive wearing a fitted t-shirt. However, it has to fit perfectly and highlight the best attributes of your body, allowing for comfort also.

To get the perfect fitting t-shirt, here are some tips to help:

  • Length: it should be long enough to tuck easily into your trousers, but not too long that it bunches at the waist. Make sure it is long enough to cover the waistband of your pants.
  • Shoulders: the seams of your t-shirt should be sitting perfectly on the edge of your shoulders.
  • Neck: check to be sure there isn’t a big gap around the neck when you raise your arms. But it also shouldn’t be too tight that you can’t easily move around in it.
  • Sleeves: the sleeves of the t-shirt should not extend to your elbow but should instead be fitted around your arms.
  • Stomach: to some degree, the t-shirt should conform to the curve of your body. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

#3: The fabric matters

If you would like to look great in a t-shirt, you have to pay special attention to the fabric. It is usually a key factor in determining the quality of your tee. Even if two shirts look identical in design and color, the one with a better fabric will definitely outperform the other.

However, the weight of the top is not equivalent to its quality. In fact, t-shirts with lighter materials tend to be of more quality. So, when choosing your t-shirt, you should look beyond the price. Also, check the label to know what material is made of.

Tees are usually 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Pure cotton t-shirts tend to last longer, feel lighter, and look thinner, so they are usually more preferred. Cotton blends are also good options. For example, cotton-poly blends are easier to maintain and also come at a lower price.

Combed cotton is also a strong, smooth, and soft fabric that has been brushed fine to straighten the fibers and remove short strands. Most t-shirts in our store at Aramaj are made of cotton-poly and combed cotton materials. That makes them one of the best out there!

#4: Pick the right color

Dark, neutral colors are usually great on men. These shades of colors will complement a wide range of complexions. For the sake of choosing the right color for your tees, you should at least have a few of the basics – black, white, navy, and gray.

  • Black: black pairs really well with the majority of clothing combinations. However, black t-shirts tend to fade more quickly and can be a little severe during the day.
  • White: white also complements virtually all skin tones. But know that plain white tees are best worn if they are V-necks. You don’t want to have your t-shirt looking like an undershirt.
  • Navy: when you can’t use black during the daytime, navy comes in handy. The color also looks really great when you pair it with dark jeans, creating a kind of monochrome look.
  • Gray: whether you want to go darker or brighter, gray t-shirts will provide you enough freedom with your outfit. If you are well-built, gray t-shirts will also enhance your physique.

#5: Know how to style your t-shirt

When looking to appear great in t-shirts, you need to know just how to style your tees. And the first thing to pay attention to is the collar. If you are wearing a jacket with a collar, you should also wear a t-shirt that features the same shape.

When should you wear a crew or V-neck t-shirt?

If you have a small chest or sloped shoulders, crew-necks will be better for you. They will help create an illusion of broader shoulders, making you appear bigger. But if you are short and want to create an illusion of height and length, you should go for V-necks.

When should you tuck in your t-shirt?

Generally, t-shirts are not to be tucked in but if you are wearing it as a part of a uniform, you may need to defile that norm. It is also possible to tuck in your t-shirt if you are surrounded by a culture that encourages it.


Final Note

Of course, you can be incredibly stylish in t-shirts if you know how to wear them. Wearing a carefully selected and well-fitted t-shirt to a casual event can make you the best-dressed guy in the room. If you have been thinking anything besides a fancy suit and tie is unattractive or cheap, you should think again!